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The Don Restaurant has been a downtown dining institution for more than three decades.

In that time, The Don has been the background for meetings, blind dates, morning-after gatherings, family reunions and a home away from home.

The reason The Don has so many fans—including at least a dozen Don babies—is because of its formidable menu.

Where else can you go and have a Mediterranean Benedict with a nice strong cup of coffee? Or have a Farmer Hash Supreme with a fresh watermelon smoothie? Or Deep Fried Bananas with ice cream for dessert after a hand-carved Ham Steak and Eggs breakfast?

The menu, like the restaurant, is built on relationships. Since the beginning, The Don Restaurant has relied on local suppliers like the Country Perogy Shop in Kleefeld, Pioneer Meat in Altona, Nature's Farm in Steinbach.


So: slide into a booth, decide whether you want the Crack & Hash or the Gloms Kuak with a side of hand pressed perogies, and watch the world go by.






- The Don Restaurant

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